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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Change Orkut Password

If you are trying to change orkut password and you have gmail id as your primary id on orkut, your gmail id password will also get changed if you change your orkut password. In order to change your orkut password you need to change your gmail password if you have gmail id as your primary email address on orkut. It is really simple and easy to change orkut password. When you try to change orkut password, orkut will directlly give you a google account settings page. Therefor, your orkut password also changes only when you change your gmail password.

these are the following steps that you need to follow in order to change orkut password:

Step 1: Login to old orkut.

Step2: Click on settings.

Step 3: Click on Google Account Settings.

Step 4: Click on changing your password.

Step 5: Now type your current password or answer your security question and change your password.

Step 6: Click on save.

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