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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Not Able To Use Orkut Chat Feature?

How Can One Get The Orkut Chatbox Open If Orkut Account Is Created By Any Email Address?
Solution: By adding gmail address to your same orkut account. You will be able to login and get the chatbox with both of the addresses.

It is like linking your orkut account  to another email account: If you want to link orkut account to your another email id, yes you can link your secondary email. If your primary email id is a gmail id and you want to link orkut with another email address so that if you would sign in with your secondary email the same orkut account will open. However, if you have created your orkut account with an email address apart from gmail, and you are trying to link your gmail id to your orkut account, you can easily link that id but that will become your primary orkut id. Because orkut prefers a gmail id and if you have it linked with orkut, that will be considred as your primary email address information and your primary email address (for example: yahoo, rediff, hotmail etc.) will be considered as your secondary email address and you can sign with any email address and get orkut chatbox open.

Most of the people join orkut with a google account id (gmail id) and if they look for secondary email option, they can add secondary email addresses and no changes will take place in terms of primary and secondary email addresses on orkut.

The steps are given below to link your orkut account with the desired email account:

Step 1: Login to new orkut. 

Step2: Cick on settings. 

Step3: Click on change under email section.

Step 4: Type the sencondary email address that you wish to add. 

Step5: Click on save.

That is all. Thank you.

if you have any queries or suggestions, please comment.

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