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Monday, 4 July 2011

Top Orkut Applications

In this post I will tell you about the Top Orkut Applications on orkut. I know some people do not use applications on orkut. There may be many reasons for that, some would say they do not know what are the top orkut applications which can be useful for them or some would say there are many and none of them is good or useful.

Yes there are some application which comes under top category and they are really good and many people use them. Here I will not talk about those application which are only for fun or you can say not useful for people. There are many applications on orkut which provides you games I will not consider those applications here.When I talk about orkut, I think of fun. Yes orkut gives many useful application, some will make you smile some will make your work easy on orkut. Therefor, I say Orkut is the best. Now I am going to tell you what are the most fantastic and useful application on orkut. I have used orkut and discovered there are some fantastic applications which can make your work easy.

These are top five applications according to me:

1. Who Is Online: This is one of the most used applications on orkut. If you are on orkut and looking for new friends this is the application than can help you. All the people who are using this application and are online also, you can see their profile and invite them. 

To add this app follow the steps given below:

1. Go to orkut and click on add application, you can find this option on the left of your home page under apps tab.

2. In the search box, type "who is online" and click search

3. Select the who is online and app and add it.

2. Stylish Font: If you want to make people look what you say you should use it. It will help you to style and color your scraps and they look fantastic. You can create and design your scraps.

3. Super scap: If you want to send a single scrap to all of your friends or to some selected ones without wasting time in visiting there profile. This is the application that can help you out.

4. Open Chat Room: If you want chat with friends in a private room or with new poeple,adding open chat room application will help you and its really fantastic.

5. My Music: If you want to add songs to your profile and if you just want to listen any song you can add this application.

If you have any queries please comment.

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