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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Find Anybody Online On Orkut

If you are on orkut and looking to find anybody who is online, there are many applications that can help you. One of the most used applications to find anyone online is "Who Is Online".It is just like a free people search. Yes this is the application that you need to add in order to find people online on orkut. You can easily add this application and use it. With the help of this you can easily view people profile and if you want to send a friend request you can easily send. It gives you many results when you search for people who are online. 

You can find new people and make new friends. Without this there is no other way to find anybody online. Yes orkut gives you an option to find a person but you will not be able to know whether that person is onine or not. However with this app you can only see people who are online.

Who Is Online: This is one of the most used applications on orkut. If you are on orkut and looking for new friends this is the application than can help you. All the people who are using this application and are online also, you can see their profile and invite them. 

To add this app follow the steps given below:

1. Go to orkut and click on add application, you can find this option on the left of your home page under apps tab.

2. In the search box, type "who is online" and click search

3. Select the who is online and app and add it.

that is all.

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